22nd June - Today's News: Record Heat in UK & US

Yesterday saw the date record set for the UK and it was also the hottest June day since summer of 1976 in heatwave.  In my garden it was also the highest I have recorded in June at 32.4c.  In addition, dew points were extremely high getting above 20c to make a very sweaty and uncomfortable evening.   But the heatwave (4 consecutive days above 30c in my garden) ended here with not a rumble of thunder nor drop of rain ..... 
And it's not just the British Isles that have been unusually hot as California sees some of highest temperatures ever recorded amid heat wave whilst in the Arizona heatwave: Strange consequences of extreme heat with the life-threatening heat wave to retain its grip on southwestern US into the weekend
Meanwhile, France's heatwave reaches peak as pollution spike hits Paris
Already deadly Tropical Storm Cindy could cause “life-threatening” flash flooding, forecasters warn  as it continues to bring heavy rain to the US Gulf Coast 
3 tornadoes hit Quebec on Sunday…

21st June - Today's News: TS Cindy Threatens US Gulf Coast

20th June - Today's News: US and UK Heatwaves

19th June - Today's News: Over 60 Dead in Portugese Forest Fires

More tragic news this weekend.  In scene sadly so reminiscent of Australia's Black Saturdayfour children among 61 killed by deadly Portuguese forest fires with many people 'trapped and burned to death in their cars' as they tried to flee.  Thought to have been started by lightning as temperatures in places exceeded 40c.

Here it was quite warm enough with 32.2c outside Southampton and 31.6c in my garden yesterday with health warning issued as rising temperatures could see Britain bask in hottest June day since 1976. Temperature should become more pleasant by the weekend.  But there's a good chance we could see the UK date reocrd fall today.
And an even hotter heat wave creates health hazard in southwestern US
Four missing after tsunami strikes Greenland coast - believed to have been caused by an earthquake.  What caused the earthquake though is not known.  Ice loss?  Maybe ... 
Bangkok struggles to protect slum dwellers as floods worsen
According to NASA figures, May …

16th June - Today's News: Dog Recovering After Being Thrown 1,000ft by Tornado

14th June - Today's News: Rescuers Race to Reach Bangladesh Landslide Victims as Toll Rises

Bangladesh rescuers race to reach landslides victims with the death toll now at 145 and expected to rise further.
Record snowmelt causes drowning fears as rivers rage across America's West
Freak hail storm hits Napa Valley vineyards
Sahara greening may intensify tropical cyclone activity worldwide
Volcanic 'plumerang' could impact human health
And a large Canadian Arctic climate change study cancelled due to climate change - ice has become more mobile making travel more hazardous (certain websites have, of course deliberately misunderstood/misinterpreted this as further evidence there is no global warming and we are, in fact, plummeting into a catastrophic ice age ..... )