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26th April - Today's News: One Dead in N Carolina Floods

25th April - Today's News: Nesting Osprey Buried by Scottish Snow

24th April - Today's News: New Atmospheric Phenomenon Discovered: "Steve"

21st April - Today's News: Tropical Storm Arlene Forms in Atlantic

The first named system in April since Ana in 2003, Tropical Storm Arlene intensifies slightly in the open Atlantic; no threat to land
East Coast told to brace for giant 4m waves as another large storm takes aim for New Zealand
Snow, strong wind complicate traffic on Czech, Slovak roads
Sticking to their religion, regardless of what they see before them, in Louisiana: As the seas around them rise, fishermen deny climate change
And some reasons to fear the next UK heatwave - one of which is that we have spend thousands insulating our homes to make them warmer ....

20th April - Today's News: March 2017 2nd Warmest on Record, Despite no El Nino

Despite no El Nino, March and year to date were 2nd warmest on record for world.  Still believe global warming is a hoax Mr President? 
The hurricane season’s first depression just formed in the Atlantic Ocean
In Canada's Martime provinces, they ask where is spring? Winter-like weather continues with snow, record-breaking cold
Meanwhile in Europe, unseasonal snowfall brings Bosnian capital to halt
But in South Africa, an autumn heatwave hits drought-stricken Western, Northern Cape
The MetO always seem to be a day behind ..... but as pointed out yesterday, early April remains dry but some rain is on the horizon (though it won't be much, and there's the potential for some damaging frosts, and even snow in places, if latest model output is anything to go by)  
Arctic river ice deposits rapidly disappearing - melting up to a month earlier than they once did.
Water is streaming across Antarctica - the continent is not quite so frozen after all
More signs of man's true foo…

19th April - Today's News: Water Shortage Warning After Dry Winter

Water companies warn parts of UK could see drought this summer after the driest winter in more than 20 years - and more worrying, many places have only seen 1mm or 2 of rain in April, with nothing much on the horizon either.   At this time of year more rain is needed because of plant growth, which extracts more water from the ground.   Given recent trends, we could have both water shortages and floods this summer - with rain falling in more intense downpours, and long dry spells inbetween.
But before then, we could see snow next week (and not just over hills).  And not just here.  Much of Europe continmues to experience a colder than usual second half of April.  Denmark has coldest April night this century.  There's already spring snow in Serbia.  And after spring weather, Slovakia faces record cold and snow
Iceberg tourists flock to Newfoundland town
NASA images show new crack in Greenland's Petermann Glacier
And the Southern Alps will likely save NZ from 'river piracy'…

18th April - Today's News: A Cold, Snowy Easter in Parts of Europe

14th April - Today's News: Life on Enceladus?

13th April - Today's News: Ex-Cook Makes Landfall in NZ

12th April - Today's News: Ex-Cook Could be Worst Storm to Hit NZ Since 1968

Cyclone Cook set to bring chaos across New Zealand in wild weather week - it's predicted to be the worst storm since 1968 - with warning that 'extreme weather' is heading for Auckland.   
In Australia, Darwin hit by one of its coldest ever days - but at 22.1c it still sounds hot to me!
Argentina floods damage homes in south
Flammable floodplains are weak spot of Amazon forest
Before the Chemtrail nutters get too excited, this is just a small scale trial test to see if the idea could work - and I am certain there will be nothing at all to see from the ground as aerosols to protect Earth from global warming will be sprayed into the stratosphere next year.   I also remain certain that large scale operations will never take place since the consequences of doing so are likely to be at least as bad as doing nothing.   And let's face it, we can't even stop burning down rainforests yet ......  
Meanwhile,  huge permafrost thaw can be limited by ambitious climate targets
A &…

11th April - Today's News: Cyclone Cook Bears Down on NZ

They're just drying out from ex-Debbie, now Cyclone Cook bearing down on NZ with flood-stricken Bay of Plenty in line for wet weather double punch
But in Australia, cyclone warning cancelled for Tiwi Islands and Darwin
Snow falls, heavy rain, strong winds strike Victoria
Like long-lasting snow?  Head to New England .... Caribou, Maine, has had a foot or more of snow on the ground for a record-shattering 132 consecutive days
And after my comments yesterday, the MetO issued a blog post asking are the next three months going to be scorching? -  and confirming what I said.  Although they say almost the same thing every time we get these silly stories and every time it gets completely forgotten/ignored by the media.   Hopefully the message is slowly creeping through to the public though.

10th April - Today's News: Multiple Tornadoes in Washington DC

In the US, multiple tornadoes hit the D.C. area Thursday.
A UK date record on Sunday with 25.5c recorded in Cambridge (and a slightly dodgy 24.9c in my garden) - there is however absolutely nothing to suggest 3 month of hot weather are on the way (as some headlines - including the Scotsman - suggest today), other than the fact that, usually, April, May and June are warmer than March!  The headline appears to be a viral one based on this usual misinterpretation of the Met Office Contingency Planner's Forecast issued last month which does suggest a much higher probablity that April-June will be warmer than average, than colder - mainly due to higher than average sea temeperature - but that doesn't mean a heatwave.
Warm Atlantic waters wage a new assault on Arctic ice from below
In Australia: Brisbane has warmest March on record, Perth coldest in 18 years
Great Barrier Reef: Two-thirds damaged in 'unprecedented' bleaching
Cyclone Debbie: Why was aftermath deadlier than stor…

8th April - Today's News: Ex-Debbie Floods Recede in Australia, NZ

6th April - Today's News: Thousands Evacuated as Ex-Debbie Brings Floods to NZ

5th April - Today's News: Why We Should Forget About Climate Change

In Queensland, Rockhampton floodwaters due to peak later and remain high until the weekend whilst a pregnant cow survives 70-kilometre swim in NSW floodwater to scramble out of river at Pimlico
Controversy as storm chasers drove into a tornado on purpose. Then their peers berated them.
 Evidence of ancient 'geological Brexit' revealed - how the Straits of Dover formed 450,000 years ago
Future carbon dioxide, climate warming potentially unprecedented in 420 million years - that's by the 23rd century.  And of course, orbital parameters, continental configuration and vegetation - amongst other things -  are (will be) all very different now to then, so we can't really draw parallels.   It's not only CO2 that controls climate.
And an interesting blog piece on why we should forget about climate change (it's not what you might think - and I entirely agree with it).

4th April - Today's News: Ex-Debbie Hits NZ

3rd April - Today's News: Hundreds Dead, Missing in Colombian Landslide

1st April - Today's News: Ex-Debbie Flood Toll Rises to Three

Cyclone Debbie: Third person dies as flood crisis continues for NSW and Queensland
Massive north Atlantic storm sends surge of ice into St. John's, Newfoundland harbor whilst blizzard conditions drop up to 50 centimetres of snow
Thousands of tourists flock to capture California's rare wildflower 'super bloom' brought about by the wet winter 
For the UK, March 2017: rather warm and dry for some - including me.  It was almost virtually frost free ....   In fact the lowest temp I have recorded since 6th February is just -0.1c.   Very unusual.
Dozens feared dead as landslide hits homes in Indonesia .  Caused by rain?   Or caused by rain falling on recently deforested hillsides .....?
The incredible now and then images that reveal the full extent of the planet's receding glaciers
Research suggests some of Greenland's coastal ice will be permanently lost by 2100 - by which they presumably mean lost for a long time, but not necessarily at least 3,000,000,000 or so years. …

31st March - Today's News: Damaging Dust Storm Strikes Las Vegas

30th March - Today's News: Ex-Debbie Brings Major Flood Disruption to Parts of Queensland and NSW

29th March - Today's News: Three Dead as Tornado Chasers Crash

28th March - Today's News: Cat 4 Debbie Makes Landfall in Queensland

27th March - Today's News: Spring Snow in Spain

Spain buried under four inches of snow as Brits bask on hottest day of the year (this report was Sunday morning - Sunday saw Aviemore get even warmer with 19.9c recorded.  Of course, most of the UK wasn't quite that warm!) BOM warns of Cyclone Debbie inundation, 25,000 people in low-lying Mackay areas told to leave - a tidal surge of up to 2.5m is expected.  The storm is currently Cat 3 and expected to become Cat 4 by landfall, probably on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, Invest 90-L could develop into a Subtropical Storm this week; would be second time in March since records began
Flooding and thunderstorms hit Arabian Peninsula
Japan avalanche: eight high school climbers feared dead
And Peru’s deadly floods ring alarm bell for Latin America

25th March - Today's News: BoM Warn Debbie Could be Cat 5 Cyclone at Landfall

Cyclone Debbie could hit north Queensland as category five, Bureau of Meteorology warns
In southern Africa, Zimbabwe floods leave villagers stranded whilst Angola floods kill 11, cause widespread destruction
The Foehn effect: Can a mountain wind really make you ill?
Aurora Australis: Spectacular displays for first Southern Lights charter flight
And in the UK, severe weather causing delays to half of commuters at least once a month, Earth Hour poll finds - though I am not entirely convinced.   We don't even get severe weather that often!   I suppose if it's raining traffic may be slower though ....  which I think is what respondents were really thinking about.  ie weather causes delays to half of commuters at least once a month.

24th March - Today's News: Queensland Prepares for Cyclone Debbie

After a very quiet season so far, here comes Debbie! Category three cyclone possible for north Queensland as tropical low strengthens: BOM
A new study shows how global warming is increasing rainfall rates - meaning more extreme rainfall events will become common.   This does not mean however that overall rainfall may not decrease in some areas, including those that experience more floods.
Under the Dead Sea, warnings of dire drought for the region: rainfalls plummeted during the Holocene Climatic Optimum (Hypsithermal) and the Eemian Interglacial, when the world was warmer than today.
It's been said before, so nothing really new here, but another study suggests changes to flight paths could reduce aircraft effect on climate
Last year's NZ earthquake at Kaikoura: 'Most complex quake ever studied'
Mars rover spots clouds shaped by gravity waves
And Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?  Within this solar system, probably

23rd March - Today's News: Record Low Sea Ice at both Poles

Sea ice extent sinks to record lows at both poles
Snow hits higher parts of the north of England
South African heat wave forces cancellation of school sport
As mentioned yesterday, today 'new' wave-like cloud finally wins official recognition along with several other cloud types, including contrails.  These aren't newly discovered cloud types, just ones that hadn't previously been officially recognised as seperate variants.
As drilling at Chicxulub continues, dinosaur crater's clue to origin of life and a major shake-up suggests dinosaurs may have 'UK origin' - or, rather, continents in the northern hemisphere ....  Though some early fossils have been found in Britain.

22nd March - Today's News: Sydney Hit by More Storms

21st March - Today's News: 2nd Warmest February as World Extreme Weather Trends Continue

Earth experienced the second-hottest February ever recorded as sea ice levels slip to a new low and the WMO report that 'extreme and unusual' climate trends continue after record 2016
Drivers face snow and icy conditions in some parts of Scotland - but it is March!  So quite normal.  What is not normal is that so far this month I haven't experienced a single air frost in Evesham ....

Australia's eastern states battered by storms with more rain to come

The unnamed phenomenon behind Peru’s extraordinary flooding
The last remnant (on Baffin Island) of the ice sheet that once blanketed North America will be completely gone in 300 years because of global warming, scientists warn - significant because declining axial tilt ought mean that, subject to precipitation, it should, if anything, grow ...  However, that it has only shrunk so low three times in the past 2.5 million years may not necessarily be so significant since most interglacials have been shorter than the current o…

18th March - Today's News: Peru Hit by Deadly Floods, Mudslides

17th March - Today's News: Brisbane AP Hit by Landspout and Dust Devil

15th March - Today's News: Alicante Floods After Record Rainfall

Mayhew's Law

Having finally come up with what I think is a reasonable (though by no means perfect) wording ....  I'm posting it here for my future reference:

One size rarely fits all; complex events are unlikely to have simple, single, causes, and, especially where competing explanations exist, it's most likely a combination of factors were involved.
Background: this 'law' arose from the observation that major, complex, events - such as the demise of the dinosaurs - often have two or more competing theories trying to account for them, both of which appear equally valid.   It seems to me more logical that in such cases both theories are valid and both contributed to the event.    Additionally, we sometimes find that where one theory has been shown to explain one event, it is evoked to explain all similar events, again at the exclusion of other possible contributory causes.    
Climate change is another example of where Mayhew's Law applies and a good example of people falling fo…

14th March - Today's News: Ice Completely Encases US Lakeside House

11th March - Today's News: A Call to Revive Witches' Knickers

10th March - Today's News: The Crass Ignorance of the Head of the EPA

9th March - Today's News: A Mild, Wet US WInter

8th March - Today's News: 205 Records Broken in Australia's "Angry Summer"

6th March - Today's News: Cyclone Blanche Makes Landfall in Australia

Cyclone Blanche: Record-breaking storm drenches Darwin, batters Top End over the weekend before the storm crosses WA's Kimberley coast as conditions in NT ease today.  After BoM predicted an active Cyclone season this summer, it's been the quietest on record ....
Got snowed on in Snowdon yesterday - a nice birthday weekend surprise.  Probably be it for the year now though!   Although the gutter press are still pushing silly season stories based purely on fantasy (there is no corroboration for the headline whatsoever .... though MetO comments suggest a cold snowy Easter is unlikely given that it is late this year.   Still, nice pics of snow from North Wales yesterday.)
The Daily Fail doesn't always get it wrong though, rightly informing us that, based on MetO data, this winter was one of the mildest and driest ever - it was actually my second mildest and second driest in Evesham.
Tropical Cyclone Enawo threatens Madagascar - expected to be the strongest storm to hit the isla…

3rd March - Today's News: Deadly Floods Follow Zimababwean Drought

1st March - Today's News: Snowless in Chicago

28th February - Today's News: Reykjavik Sees record Snowfall

There was record Snow in Reykjavík yesterday morning - with a total of 51cm, the highest ever for February.   Though actually not a huge amount more than we saw in Evesham in December 2010 .....  And here's some more incredible photos of the record breaking snowfall night in Reykjavik
Man dies after tree fell on car during Storm Doris
Antarctic sea ice 'obliterates' previous minimum record, in remarkable reverse
In Zimbabwe, bridge swept away in Cyclone Dineo flood
And apparently Britain was hit by a -8C chill and nearly two inches of snow this morning just one day before the start of spring. Which is as unusual in the Pennines and Highlands in February as a misleading Daily Mail headline any time of the year .....   Meanwhile the Mirror seems to think we're still being hit by (non)storm Ewan ....

27th February - Today's News: Chilean Capital Without Water After Floods

Chile floods: Millions without water in capital Santiago
After storm Doris finally formed some 3 weeks after the media incorrectly named it, further embarassment for the storm naming policy adopted by the MetO and Met Eirean with Ireland's snow, ice and wind warnings withdrawn as Storm Ewan weaker than forecast - in other words, Ewan is the storm that wasn't.   Although there are a few beefy showers around today, some of which could produce a little thunder, and snow over higher hills.
A tornado touched down in Massachusetts during strong Saturday storm
Dozens of storm chasers pay tribute to Twister actor Bill Paxton by spelling out his initials using GPS map coordinates in the heart of Tornado Alley
An interesting article asking why did Greenland's Vikings vanish?  It seems the answer may be more complex than assumed.  Oh, isn't that "Mayhew's Law"?  Again!
A sobering piece on plastic and how it affects our oceans
And sand mining: the global environmenta…

25th February - Today's News: Record High Temperatures in NE USA