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25th July - Today's News: Italian Drought and French Wildfires

Rome hit by water rationing as Italy struggles with drought whilst Pope Francis shuts off Vatican fountains amid Italy drought
France tackles fierce forest fires on Riviera and in Corsica
Storm-ravaged Vietnamese province closes beaches with Sonca bearing down
A special report on Asia under water: How 137 million people's lives are being put at risk - whilst the rain may be natural, its effects are aggravated by human activity and land-use changes.  And the fact there are simply so many people .....
Rescuer clung to boy plucked from Arizona flash flood as another group is caught out on Sunday
A bizarre - but seemingly true - story from NZ where three rabbits in Otago ride out of flood on woolly sheep.  Meanwhile there are more flood fears as new front to bring downpours, snow down to 300m 
Sea level fears as Greenland darkens
Small earthquake felt in west Highlands
New evidence that the Moon has a water-rich interior
And flying to bothies?   If so, be careful you don't get stuck in…

24th July - Today's News: Funnel Clouds & Waterspouts Spotted in England & Wales

Another thunder-free weekend in Evesham, but some rumbles elsewhere and alsoa few funnel clouds and waterspouts.  In East Anglis, funnel clouds reported across the region in turbulent weather  whilst this incredible twister stunned people at Welsh country park and another twister is caught on video over the River Tees.  Down on the south coast a waterspout may also have come ashore as a tornado
Nothing as dramatic as the moment an ocean waterspout blows through a shopping centre and a hotel car park in Western Australia though
Coverack flood: How it happened, the people who were rescued and the huge recovery effort
And after the New Zealand storms: Clean-up underway as Christchurch and Dunedin residents survey damage
Looking ahead, there's a high risk of 'unprecedented' winter downpours - Met Office.  Though that doesn't mean we'll necessarily see anything this winter
And new Channel 4 Weather graphics launch today - but unfortunately I rarely watch TV forecasts …

22nd July - Today's News: New Zealand Floods: Troops Mobilised

21st July - Today's News: Remembering the 2007 Floods

19th July - Today's News: Lightning Storms and Flash Floods Hit Southern England

Yesterday and overnight lightning strikes and flash floods sweep through Britain as the UK is hit by freak electrical storms (the Daily Mail still thinks Britain means SE England .... but it does have the best pictures) - but there was as much rain, thunder and lightning in Evesham as there were volcanic eruptions ......   Still not heard a single rumble of thunder this year!   And radar returns suggests parts of the Lizard may have had as much rain in an hour as we have had here all year as Coverack wakes up to 'devastation'
Meanwhile, the rain in Spain falls mainly… in the form of huge lumps of ice! With golf ball sized hail.
Heavy rain causes flash flooding in Istanbul
Adriatic fires prompt evacuations in Montenegro and Croatia
There's also been flash flooding across Trinidad
Swiss glacier reveals couple lost in 1942
Human-made aerosols identified as driver in shifting global rainfall patterns - and of course, injecting even more aerosols into the atmosphere has been sugge…

17th July - Today's News: At Least 9 Dead in Arizona Flash Flood

15th July - Today's News: Torrential Rain in NE China & Eastern Siberia

14th July - Today's News: Record Highs in Spanish Heatwave

12th July - Today's News: Giant Iceberg Breaks from Larsen C Ice Shelf

Expected for some time, and now confirmed: Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic
A whopping 8.8mm of rain yesterday and overnight breings me up to 48% of average for the month so far.  Although some models do suggest a risk of thnderstorms (!!!!) next week, there is little sign of any further frontal rain and this could well end up another dry month.   So far, only May has seen above average rainfall here in 2017.  A very mild month also looks to be on the cards with temperature at average or above for the foreseeable future (after yesterday's maxima dropped below average for the first time in weeks).
Wellington wintry weather to worsen, as flights are disrupted and lots of photos as New Zealand shivers through a classic winter storm
Not many English language reports on this: Rare tornado spotted near Vienna International Airport
An auspicious sign?  Lightning strikes father of the bride during his speech
Warm winter events in Arctic becoming more frequent, lasting longer
But a warme…

11th July - Today's News: Temperatures Hit 50c in North China Heatwave

10th July - Today's News: Thousands of Cattle Dead in California Heatwave

California heat wave kills thousands of cattle and overwhelms dairy industry whilst California wildfires threaten hundreds of homes, force evacuations
Violent storms end Swiss heatwave - here, the latest heatwave looks like end on just a very damp note with a front bringing persistent rain, some of it heavy, tomorrow.  It may even be the wettest day of the year, though welcome relief for some.  We have had less than 8mm of rain in the past 30 days ....  But still no storms ....
Japanese rescuers race against time as flood death toll hits 18
And New Zealanders warned that the 'most significant snow storm in recent years' expected for South Island this week

8th July - Today's News: Record Heatwave in Eastern North America

7th July - Today's News: Death Toll Rises as Japan Rains Continue

6th July - Today's News: 11 Missing in Japan Floods

Japan floods: 11 missing, 500,000 to evacuate after days of torrential rain in Fukuoka and Oita
Storm drones could improve tornado early warning
Australia's alps transformed by the first decent snowfall of winter
Researchers at Harvard University have been reconciling predictions of climate change and find that a doubling of CO2 could result in a higher increase in temps than thought.  Although I am curious as to whether they took into account the very long term cooling pattern the Earth is currently (or was) in (the Neoglacial).  Also, any periodic oceanic-atmospheric warming trend is matched by a subsequent cooling trend, which may complicate predictions further.
West Antarctic Ice Sheet loss over the last 11,000 years seen in new study
And could we soon predict the weather 10 years into the future?   No, we won't be able to predict whether it will rain at 3pm on the 16th July 2027 in Lower Slaughter.   But we may be able to predict whether we are likely to see a heatwave or a …

5th July - Today's News: Snow Chasers of Western Australia

4th July - Today's News: First Tibetan 'Tornado' Since 1961

3rd July - Today's News: Records Broken in Eastern Mediterranean Heatwave

1st July - Today's News: Edinburgh's Wettest Ever June